‍Subak with Art Festival

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‍Opens 14 January, 2012

14 January to 28 January 2012
Web site for the Subak Art Festival http://www.subakart.net/Welcome.html
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The aim of this festival is to celebrate and showcase Subak through the creative arts and involves exhibition, performance and installation. It will bring together artists, children and their families, young leaders in training and other members of the community to provide each with unique ways of understanding and responding to a specific and local issue that is also of international importance.
Artists will be asked to investigate the Subak by undertaking cultural research. Indonesian and Australian artists will be invited to work collaboratively to show the Subak in a new context, and enhanced by different cultural perspectives. A creative dialogue will be fostered through internet contact before the festival and pre-festival meetings. The festival aims to integrate contemporary arts with long-established Balinese festival structures. It will draw upon the traditional arts practices, ceremonies and symbols that are embedded in the everyday organization of the Subak and the rich artistic heritage of Bali.
Through the festival the Subak Museum’s capacity to connect with local communities, creating pathways for an open dialogue that link their existing collections with contemporary life will be enhanced. It will provide an example of museums as a space for contemporary arts. It will support the development of arts projects in a new environment, building strong high quality arts education programs within a museum context.
Following on from the Subak Arts Festival it is the intention to hold a similar event at the New England Regional Art Museum, Armidale, New South Wales (NERAM) in April and May 2012. As part of this exhibition schools will be invited to participate in workshops to be conducted through the ‘Connected Class Room Network’. Experiences in Bali will be translated into engaging interactive lessons using video conferencing. The event will provide a window into important aspects of Balinese history and culture for Australians in a way that is designed to promote understanding of the different ways the world operates and lessons we might learn.
Internationally, a Subak Art Festival will raise awareness of the Subak as a unique cultural heritage that is worthy of inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage list. We hope it might also gain the attention of environmental organizations like the United Nations Environmental Project, scientists and researchers.

‍I Made works with school children to prepare a kulkul performance for the Subak with Art Festival

Kulkul workshops with I Made in preparation for the festival
Kulkul workshops with I Made in preparation for the festival


Press Release

Immersed in Subak Culture
Immerse yourself in the culture of Subak with a visit to the Subak with Art Festival, 14th – 28th January at the Subak Museum, Jl Gatot Subroto, Tabanan, Bali, tel/fax 0361 810315.

Subak with Art Festival is a collaborative arts project between four Balinese artists, three Australian artists, and 210 primary school children in the Tabanan Regency in Bali.
Balinese and Australian artists exhibit work that raises awareness of the importance of the Subak system that has sustained the growing of rice in Bali over the centuries. Artists I Gede Made Surya Darma, Made Ngurah Sadnyana, I Gede Putu Setiawan, Gede Suanda aka Sayur, Christine McMillan, Margaret Brooks and Adrian Symes work with photography, installation, video, painting, sculpture and printmaking to create a dynamic visual arts exhibition.

Rotary Denpasar, through their wonderful Bali School Kids project (www.balischoolkids.org), are coordinating the involvement of 210 primary school students. The children have created 210 hand made coconut bowls that promotes the sustainable use of tradition materials. The Festival organisers said ‘We are thrilled to work with children who are so keen to participate in arts activities like drawing, installations, photography, painting, story telling, kulkul, okokan music and games that celebrate and honour the Subak.’
After a visit to the museum one of the teachers commented that ‘ the project provided rich and meaningful experiences for the children that helped them appreciate their cultural heritage’.
To see the artists and children’s artwork displayed, visit the Subak Museum. We would welcome you to a special opening ceremony that has been organised from 12:00 – 1:00pm on 14th January 2012. Performance artist I Gede Made Surya Darma will lead a children’s kulkul performance. Traditional Okokan music will provide a rousing finale to the opening ceremony followed by viewing of the exhibition and a chance to engage with the artists from 1:00pm to 4pm.

The Regent of Tabanan will be opening the Festival at 12 noon.

A Big Subak with Art DrawMake an individual drawing or add your marks on a group drawing at The Subak with Art Festival
There will be lots of opportunity to draw at the Festival, paper of many sizes and drawing materials will be available for you to enjoy