3 members of the Subak with Art Festival Management Team: I Gede Made, I Gede Putu and Margaret

We have been a Bali for one week working on the festival. Our first meeting was with the management team. This meeting consolidated and clarified our plans in a comprehensive way which could not be achieved over the internet. Details were discussed, each from a variety of angles that mostly cleared the ambiguity created through having different first languages.
A meeting with the museum director, Ibu Dayu re-established face to face contact with the museum. All the artists were introduced and viewed the space. This was followed by a meeting with the Director of Tourism and Culture for the Tabanan Region, Diasa Wayan, who welcomed the Subak project for it’s aims of promoting the culture of the Subak. He arranged for a meeting with the Regent of Tabanan.
Next was a visit to the school on the North of the Island of Bali. The 47 children practiced the kulkul performance for the opening. They have been practicing with Made. Buses were arranged to transport the children to the museum on 14 January, 2012.
We then trained representatives of the interact club who will be assisting with the activities on the Festival opening day. These representatives are coordinated by Rotary Denpasar who are managing the 210 children, communicating with the schools. The Museum is managing the visit of local schools.
Two large banners 3.5m x 2m, a flyer and a series of Bali style flags were designed and ordered.
The exhibition spaces at the Subak Museum are: installation in the Subak Museum, an exhibition in the Galley: the room above the Subak Museum and installation in the tradition house.
We spent 2 days preparing the Gallery space, moving and storing all the furniture, sweeping and washing the floor and planning the layout of the exhibition.
Next the management team, Rotary and museum representatives met with Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti, Regent of Tabanan, who agreed to open the festival.
Today we continue installing the exhibition and will translate artist’s statements and explanations.
And that brings the end of the first week in Bali.
Thankyou to all people who have supported the project in many and varied ways.
Meeting with The Minister for Tourism and Culture and the Director of the Subak Museum
Meeting with the Regent of Tabanan, the Minister for Tourism and Culture, Rotarians and Management Team