Some ideas in the making for activities at the Festival opening are:
(Subak team please feel free to add to and improve on these ideas)

Drawing activities around the museum.
A bit like 'Big Draw' this activity will involve visitors to the Festival to become involved in a drawing dialogue about the Subak.

Story telling - traditional stories of the Subak.
Local story tellers will entertain with traditional stories.

Irrigation canal game - a duck race. Two teams will be given a small flock of wooden ducks to race down down a bamboo model of the Subak irrigation canals. The teams will have to work collaboratively to bring all the ducks through an obstacle course and to the bottom at the same time.

Create a collaborative installation with rice protecting flags.
You know the system of strings and flags that are strung over fields to protect the rice from birds? Well we want to build on this idea and make art installation with participants of the festival.

Making coconut bowls.
For those who want to try their hand at making a bowl, there will be tools and coconuts available.

Kulkul music workshop.
Always wanted to be in band? We will offer a traditional kulkul workshop for participants at the festival.