Rotary Club Denpasar web site

Rotary Denpasar supports the Paddy Bali project by:
Advising on the protocol of working with schools in Bali.Assisting with contacting and liaising with schools.Advising on the protocol of working with children, families and community in Bali.Enlist the help of their youth partners in Services, the Interact club of Denta-Sobangan and SIAC-Singaraja to work with the schools and children.Enlist 210 primary school children from their Bali Kids Sponsorship project to take part in the paddy Bali project.Assisting with sourcing of coconuts and their distribution.Organizing the making of the coconut bowls Organize the transport of 210 primary school children to the Subak museum.Organize the observational drawings of Subak artifacts.Assist with the organization of final exhibition of the children’s art work at the Subak Museum.